Goodbye, Tech! Hello, Productive Bed-Time Activities!

Picture this: After a long, hard day at work, you finally get to your bed and lie in the softest bedding ever to get the much-needed relaxation. Once you’re settled in bed, now what? You turn over and as you reach for your phone, an alarm starts ringing in your head. You remember the words of your eye doctor in big bold letters dancing in front of your eyes; “blue light”, “harmful” and “strain”. You cannot use your phone, or laptop, or even watch tv! So, what do you do to make yourself fall asleep?

Well, The Linen Company brings the answer to this question! For we have narrowed down a list of activities (from unlimited options) that you can indulge yourself in without having to spend any time staring at a screen. So put away those gadgets, and develop a habit of carrying out these activities, every night!

Make Your Bed

Nobody likes sleeping in an un-made bed. At least, we know, we don’t! Which is why, it’s very important to fix your bed before you jump into it. Start off by removing all extra items from the bed, then go on to swipe off all dirt from the bed sheets, make sure to tug the bedsheets into the corners for an extra smooth feel, and finally place the blankets or the duvet cover back onto the bed. Not only will this task make for a fun and productive activity, but the more time you spend on fixing your bed, the more pleasant the experience will be when you are finally able to jump in!

fixing bed sheets

Write a Diary

It is often said that journaling is the best form of catharsis. This is one way to vent out, write all your thoughts and feelings in one place and let go of all the negative emotions you may be feeling. In turn, only when those negative emotions are out, can you bring your focus back onto the positive ones. Write about your day, your relationships, friendships and all else that bothers you, while wrapped around in the safety of your blankets. No night-time activity can help you relax better than this.

writing in a diary in bed

Read A Book

If you’re a bookworm like us, you will know just how gratifying reading a book at night is, while snuggled up in your blankets. There is nothing better than taking yourself off to a far-away land, away from the hard realties of life. Divert all those tensions by grabbing a book of your favorite genre, whether it is romance, mystery or even horror, and off you go, into a completely different world. Not only will this help you get ready to sleep, but reading overall, has many positive health benefits too.

reading a book in bed

Solve A Puzzle

While other activities may help you relax your body, it is equally important for you to relax your mind as well. What better way to do this than to solve a puzzle? The kind of brain stimulations and critical thinking that goes behind completing a puzzle is unmatchable. You may think that this task is only making you more tired, but in actuality, this tiredness is going to help you sleep much, much better, with a slightly sharper brain and also help in defeating insomnia.

solving a puzzle

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