Stop Right There! Four Practices That Can Ruin Your Bedding

Do you often find yourself with random stains or tears on your bedding, but can’t figure out where they come from? It’s extremely likely that you’re indulging yourself in certain activities that can cause great harm to your bedding, without you even realizing it. Hence, we’ve narrowed down four key practices that may be ruining your bedding material. Only once you have pinpointed the exact cause, you can carry out activities to un-do the damage and stop it from taking place in the future.

Falling Asleep With Makeup On

After a long hard day, all you want to do is jump into your bed and go to sleep. However, this jump into bed can cause great damage to your bed sheets, especially if you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed. Not only will this ruin your skin by causing acne, but will also ruin your bedding. The marks left behind from foundation, lipstick and other such solutions can result in dis-coloration, especially on the white or neutral-toned bed spreads. This is why you should protect not just your face, but also your bedsheets from these cruel blotting’s.

makeup on bed sheets

Washing It All Together

One key mistake that people usually make is that they throw all of their bedding material together into the wash. What needs to be kept in mind is that all items need to be separated on the basis of different factors. Firstly, you need to separate colors and whites. If mixed together, the colored sheets will be discolored and the whites will end up being colored, causing a huge mess, without many solutions. Secondly, similar items should be washed together. For example, it’s important to wash sheets with sheets, blankets with blankets and duvets with duvets. Thirdly, put in the items one-by-one, rather than just throwing them all in all together.

washing bed sheets

Using Harsh Detergents

There are certain detergents and bleach that may seem to be assisting you in keeping your sheets soft and smooth, but might actually be doing the exact opposite. Products such as these can act as poisons for the sheets. They can completely spoil your sheets by causing breakages and ruining the underlying fibers making up the bed spreads. This is why it is important to read the instructions on your bed sheets or duvet covers, before putting them in the wash, to know the correct levels of temperatures required.

Delays Between Washes

Nothing ruins bedding material like staining! The main determinants behind staining are body oils, sweats and other such fluids. They can have a dramatic effect on sheets, which is why it’s extremely important to regularly wash your sheets to get yourself rid of these stains before they are even created and cause greater damage. It is ideal that sheets are washed at least once a week as it is important that you at change or replace your sheets. Make sure that you put together your bed every morning, in order to avoid any bed bugs that may crawl up on your beds!

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