A Guide to Bedding Terminology

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, it’s rather easy to get lost in the world of bedding and understand which type is most appropriate for you. Especially with the complicated terminologies being used always.

Worry not! That’s exactly what The Linen Company is here for - to help explain all these bedding terms, so that you can easily select the ideal bedsheets for yourself and get greatly improve your sleep quality.

Parts of A Bed

Fitted Sheets: A fitted sheet has elastic on all corners and sides, so that you can tightly cover the mattress by placing the sheet on top of it. It’s extremely time saving as it only takes two minutes to easily cover all sides of the mattress with the elastic placement. The best part? You don’t have to worry about corners of the sheet poking out of the edges, since these sheets easily cover all sides.

Fitted Sheets

Flat Sheets: Often also called a top sheet, a flat sheet goes over your bed and under your duvet cover. It serves as a protective layer for both your bed and duvet covers, while also providing extra warmth and comfort to you as you get a peaceful sleep.

Duvet Covers: A duvet cover is a cover that goes over your duvet filling. It goes over your sheets, and can be used as a decoration over your bed, but at the same time, provides high levels of warmth and comfort.

Duvet Cover

Coverlet: A coverlet is often called a bedspread, a comforter or even a quilt. It is simply an additional piece of bedding that you can place between your sheets and duvet cover. You can use it as an extra layer for your bed to add more warmth to it.

Thread Count

A thread count is the number of threads horizontally and vertically woven into one square inch of fabric. It’s simply a measure of how tightly the threads are woven together. A higher thread count would mean that there are finer yards being used. It is generally presumed that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets.

Selecting Ideal Thread Count

Our wide range of solid sheets have a thread count of T300, while our array of printed bedding has a thread count of T200.


Percale: A percale weave follows a one-over-one-under pattern of threads woven together. This gives the fabric a very crisp and matte finish. Our eucalyptus sheets, also known as Tencel cooling sheets are made of a percale weave.

Sateen: A sateen weave follows a one-over-three-under pattern of threads woven together. This gives the fabric an extremely smooth and soft touch to it, ensuring extra comfort and warmth.

Waffle: Living up to its name, our waffle bedding follows the unique waffle weave that has a distinct texture of three-dimensional small squares, which curate a grid-like pattern that provides extra warmth.

Waffle Bedding

Feeling better about your bedding terms? Hop over and shop away to get the best sleep of your life!

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