Top Things to Look Out for When Buying Bed Sheets

You know what’s that one thing which just cannot (and should not) be compromised on? Your sleep.

You know what makes this sleep ten times better? Quality bedding!

There’s just one roadblock when it comes to getting this sleep – people usually don’t understand what all things they need to look for when buying bed sheets for themselves and end up getting the wrong type.

This is why, The Linen Company, has come up with a comprehensive guide on top things to look out for when buying bed sheets for yourself.


This is without doubt the most important factor. After all, this is the fabric that you’ll be sleeping on and getting the quality sleep that you want. You have to decide between the type of fabric you want for your sheets.

This decision can range between different types of bedding, all of which have different benefits that cater to different types of sleepers. Cotton sheets are made from 100% organic cotton and are extremely soft, while eucalyptus sheets are perfect for hot sleepers, and jacquard sheets add in elements of luxury to your life.

Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets

The choice is yours!

Thread Count

A thread count is a measure of how different threads are woven horizontally and vertically into each other in one square inch. It’s usually said that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets and duvet covers. We have a range of options for you, from bedding that are T200, T300, T400 all the way to higher counts such as T800 and even T1000.

Thread Count


A weave is the style in which the threads are woven into each other. A percale weave follows a pattern that is one-over-one-under which gives it a crisp matte feel and finish. A sateen weave follows a one-over-three-under pattern that makes the sheets a heavier feel and are extremely soft to touch. A waffle weave follows a grid like pattern that creates small three-dimensional rectangles, resembling the shape of a waffle.


Now comes the hard part – choosing which type of bedding design matches the overall aesthetic of your room. If you prefer minimalist designs, then you can opt for solid bedding designs. They come in a wide range of color options such as plum, maroon, night sky, grey, mist and so many more.

If you’re a fan of printed bedding, then we have all kinds of florals, gardens and animated elements for you, comprising of an array of color schemes which prove that we have something for everyone.


You want to know the best part? You can have the best of both worlds by mixing and matching. Nothing says elegance and charm more than a solid sheet with a printed duvet cover – to add a touch of grace to your bedroom.

Type and Size

Bed sheets can come in two types: fitted sheets and flat sheets. The former has elastic on all sides of the sheets, which can very conveniently be put over all sides of the mattress, so that it’s properly covered. The latter can be placed as an extra layer of protection between your bed and your duvet cover.


There are different sizes of bedding, which completely depend on your bed size. Whether you have a single sized bed, queen size, king size of super king size. It’s always recommended to get the exact size of bed sheets, so that there are no extra material hanging off the sides.

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