4 Interesting Ways to Style Your Bed with Our Bedding

You know what we absolutely love doing? Giving out bedding advice! Decorating our bedrooms (or any other room in our house) is our favorite past-time activity! So, if you’re looking for similar inspiration, tips and tricks on how you can create the coziest and most visually appealing sleeping space for yourself – then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s our top four picks on ways we love dressing up our beds!

Style # 1: Solid Bed Sheet with Solid Duvet Cover

This is for all those minimalists out there! There’s nothing that exudes elegance and sophistication than a solid-colored bed sheet with the same-colored duvet cover! Even better, mix and match with various color combinations and create a captivating sleeping space.

Solid Bedding

Why stop at the same-colored bedding? Ever heard of a pastel pink colored bed sheet matched with a plum duvet cover and pillowcases? Add in a different shade of blankets to accessorize the bed. Sounds interesting, right? Try it out and we guarantee it’ll create a super enticing and appealing look!

Style # 2: Printed Bed Sheet with Printed Duvet Cover

There’s nothing more refreshing than adding hints of nature into your bedroom. Now, whether that’s through plants or printed florals on fitted bed sheets – it’s the thought that counts, right? Bring symmetrical patterns, beautiful gardens and serene meadows right to your bedroom and get in touch with the pleasant side of nature with our printed bedding.

Printed Bedding

With the ever-softest cotton fabric, our printed sheets and duvet covers will not only be very captivating to look at, but will also be the softest surface you ever sleep on, we promise!

Style # 3: Solid Bed Sheet with Printed Duvet Cover

Now, it’s time for mix and match! One of our ever-favorite combinations, nothing will jazz up your bedroom better than this!


Use a shade of solid flat bed sheet and pair it with a printed duvet cover, comprising of the most beautiful florals and patterns and experience the magic happen right before you! It’ll create nothing less than a luxurious, yet comfortable sleeping space.

Style # 4: Printed Bed Sheet with Solid Duvet Cover

Let’s switch it up now, shall we? Recreate a similarly attractive experience with a printed sheet and solid duvet covers! Together, these two create a beautiful combo, that’s bound to give you a soft and beautiful sleeping experience.


With our countless options, keep recreating different versions of these styles and your bedding game will never get boring!


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