What Can Impact A Newborns Sleep? Bedding & Other Factors

The entrance of a baby can give a complete 180-degree rotation to your life. While you’re over the moon as you welcome this new addition to your family, the nights can become extremely difficult for you and them! A newborn's sleep can be a tricky task - they should get at least 16 hours of sleep during their first month, but there are many factors that can have an impact on this comfortable sleep!

But that’s exactly what we’re here for! To help you get through every phase of your life including this new phase of parenthood. So, here we have a simple guide of factors that can have an impact on your newborns and resultantly your sleep!

The Right Bedding

Let’s start off with the very basic one! An uncomfortable sleeping surface for your baby can keep them up all night long! Instead, you should turn to us and our baby fitted sheets - which act as the perfect space for your baby to sleep on. Offered in a variety of fun prints ranging from boats and clouds to beach parties and planes, they are sure to give your newborn the sweetest of dreams.

baby fitted sheets

Not just prints, but the use of 100% organic cotton fabric gives your baby the softest and smoothest surface to sleep on. They’re certified from the Global Organic Textile Standards to ensure that they’re toxins and chemical free - keeping your baby safe all night long!

Temperature, Noise and Lightening

Along with a soft sleeping surface, the overall room environment can also have an impact on your baby’s sleep! For a new born, it’s important to set a specific temperature in order to avoid the baby being too hot or cold. Any difference in the temperature can make them uncomfortable and distressed all night long. If they're cold, its always better to drape a blanket around them so that they can get a sound sleep.

Moreover, noise can make a difference too. Children usually need a quiet and silent environment so that can sleep peacefully. Similarly, the kind of lightening they’re sleeping in can also greatly affect how well they sleep.

Say No to Co-sleeping

One of the most common mistakes that new parents make is co-sleeping with their newborns; which means that they make their babies sleep on their own beds with them. The reason why this is a problem is because when parents are sleeping peacefully on the softest bed sheets and duvet covers – this can become very uncomfortable for your baby.

Co-sleeping can lead to many different risks for your child. One of these is SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Sleeping on the same bed as your child can lead to other unexpected sleeping accidents such as suffocation hazards and so on.

Sleeping Position

If your baby is laying in an uncomfortable position, then this may be hindering their sleep too. Which is why, its important that when you put them in a specific position, you stay close for a while to check whether they have adjusted properly and are comfortable in that position or not. If they’re not, then it’s better to change their positions to make sure that they get a relaxing sleep on our soft baby fitted sheets.

baby fitted sheets

Medical Factors

Sometimes, the reason why your baby can’t sleep is because of external factors that aren’t completely in your control. Some of these can be medical reasons such as colic, allergies or gas. In all of these cases, its always better and important to get proper medical advice from a professional before giving them any sort of medicines or trying out any remedies.

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