Traditional or Contemporary Bedroom – What’s Your Pick?

It’s a popular opinion that your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality. And why shouldn’t it be? You spend more than half of your day in this space, so it should be an apt portrait of your likes and tastes.

When it comes to refashioning your bedroom to match your personality, there are different routes you can take in terms of your interiors. However, the very first step is to always select a specific design – and that’s where most people falter as they just cannot decide on what arrangements match their aesthetic. Only when you have selected a mood board, can you set your interior accordingly and pick your bedding options, furniture options and so much more!


Two of the most popular designs are traditional and contemporary – so what’s the difference and how do you choose which one would be perfect for your mood board? Let’s work it out!

The Traditional Bedroom

One of the oldest designs – the traditional style has been explored throughout centuries, which means that it has hints of many different eras of the past. Despite what people think, this form is neither old nor boring. It keeps evolving as the times change, picking up bits and pieces from different decades and creating a beautiful combination of timeless designs.

Traditional Bedroom

When incorporating this into your bedroom, opt for period pieces for decorations, draping curtains and anything that will add a touch of elegance and grace to your bedroom. For your bed, go for plain colors such as solid bed sheets or even white or crème bedding. Match these with similar shades of duvet covers to add in hints of elegance and warmth to your overall bedroom.

Traditional bedroom with plain bedding

A traditional bedroom asks for simplicity – however, you can still add personal touches to the room by creating a personalized wall, incorporating a book shelf with your favorite classic novels and using furniture that has a timeless, yet sophisticated design to it.

The Contemporary Bedroom

A contemporary style refers to anything that is for “today”. It incorporates the latest trends, fashions and uses inspiration from many different eras and combines them with what's in-trend today – to create a modern and fashionable style.

A bedroom following a contemporary style can range between following a minimalistic neutral tone or a fashionable one with printed bedding matched with decorative cushions to create an appealing look. Drape these with plush blankets to add a vogue touch to your bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with printed bedding

While we’re at it, you should also incorporate a modernist bathroom to your bedroom, accessorized with cotton towels and bathrobes to add warmth and comfort, while also keeping the look stylish and modern.

What’s Your Style?

Now comes the hard part – how do you choose between these two styles for your bedroom? You can make this decision easier by looking into what colors you like, what furniture appeals to you and what kind of bedding you would want to sleep on.

If you’re feeling creative, then you can also incorporate a mix and a combination of the two. A traditional furniture with a contemporary bedding and walls or vice versa – the options to go about this are endless!

Happy Decorating!


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