Sleepless Nights? Here Are 5 Things That May Be Keeping You Up at Night

Insomnia can be the worst thing that can happen to a person. While there are some extreme cases of chronic insomnia, for which its always better to consult an expert – there are a few habitual reasons why you may be unable to sleep too. These can be some of the everyday activities you might be carrying out, your lifestyle choices and so much more!

So, we decided to narrow down all these reasons and give an elaborate guide on 5 reasons why you might be unable to sleep at night.

Uncomfortable Bedding Choices

We’ll start off with the one thing we know best: bedding. If you’re laying on uncomfortable bedding, then you’ll keep tossing and turning all night, trying to find a comfortable spot. Instead, we’d suggest you immediately switch to our bed sheets and get the most relaxing sleep ever. Whether you like sleeping on a solid bedsheets or printed floral bed sheets, then our collections are the perfect place for you to choose from!

uncomfortable bedding

Lighting and Temperature

Sometimes, it’s all about the surrounding atmosphere of the place you sleep. If you like sleeping in a cold place, then its better to keep an extra blanket nearby. If you’re a hot sleeper, then our cooling eucalyptus sheets are the perfect sheets to sleep on! They’ll keep you cool all night, without you having to toss and turn while facing any kind of night sweats! Lightening too can impact your sleep, especially if you’re used to sleeping in a specific light, then any kind of change is bound to keep you up at night.

tencel cooling bed sheets

Late Night Coffee Cups

If you think that the last cup of coffee at night is going to be a good thing for you; you’re wrong! Caffeine intake, especially 3-4 hours before you’re supposed to go to bed is bound to keep you up at night. This is because caffeine itself is supposed to keep you active, so drinking it just a few hours before bedtime means that you’ll remain energized and get sleep on time.

drinking coffee late at night

Midnight Munches

You know those nights, when you’re just laying in bed, wrapped up in your duvet cover and are just so bored so you decide to indulge in some midnight munches in hopes that you’ll eventually fall asleep after – yeah, forget about sleeping! Eating any kind of food items, especially sugary ones will keep you up all night. This is because sugary products are not only going to be extremely unhealthy for your body but are also known to cause restlessness.

Unlimited Screen Time

One major thing that we’re all guilty of is using our phones in bed while we're wrapped around in our comfy blankets. Our phones, laptops, TVs and many other electronic gadgets are a major sources of blue light. An over exposure of this blue light can have dangerous effects on your sleep. This kind of light is directly linked to suppressing of the hormone called Melatonin, which makes a person get drowsy. Do ditch tech-gadgets and instead, indulge in a number of productive activities that help you sleep better!

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