How Can You Avoid Jet Lag?

You know that fun old saying; catch flights, not feelings! Yeah, travelling is all fun and games with just one MAJOR con: Jet Lag!

Absolutely nothing ruins your trip to a foreign land more than this – because all those day-time hours that you should spend exploring the new city – you spend sleeping instead! So, what do you do? Here, we give you some simple tips on how you can avoid jet lag, and make the most of your time abroad!

Adjust Your Schedule Before Time

A few days before your flight, while you’re drowning in packing your luggage and running last minute errands – it’s equally important to adjust your schedule before time by getting ample amount of sleep. So, get into the softest bedding, wrap yourselves up with the warmest duvet covers and get the most comfortable sleep to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead!

bed sheets and duvet covers

One little trick that you can follow is that you should switch your clock to your destination time, and start working accordingly.

Sleeping On the Go!

The main question that arises when it comes to sleep patterns during travel is that should you take naps on the airport and airplanes? The answer to this is a little tricky. You absolutely should sleep – but only when it’s night time outside. While we're sure you would want to be snuggled in bed at home, on the softest bedding sets, but instead, when you find yourself with extra time to kill on the airport in between layovers during night-time or during your flight, you should definitely try to get some sleep there.

While we’re at it, it’s always better to carry a comfortable blankets and pillows with pillowcases with you on the go, so that you can get a relaxing sleep regardless of where you are!


Avoid Caffeine

While there are many reasons that can lead to sleepless nights, caffeine is a huge factor too! During your travels, any kind of caffeinated drink should be your biggest enemy! Why, you ask? This is because any kind of caffeine intake can massively disrupt your sleeping patterns. This is why, you should avoid consuming these drinks at least a couple of hours before you’re actually supposed to go to sleep. So, in a situation when you’re already struggling with your sleep cycle – this is a no-go zone!


Hydration is Key

If you can’t consume caffeine, consume loads of water instead! Drinking water and staying hydrated should be a top-most priority because they can greatly help you avoid jet-lag symptoms. When travelling, your body temperatures are bound to fluctuate too, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated.

Happy Travelling!

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