Going Wrinkle-Free: Tips to Prevent Your Bed Sheets from Wrinkling!

Nobody likes wrinkles! Not on their sheets, not anywhere else! The kind of discomfort brought on by them is unmanageable. Despite your best attempts, wrinkles are bound to appear on your bed sheet sets, one way or the other. This is why, we’ve come up with the easiest solution to this problem with a handful of tips that’ll help you to stay wrinkle-free for longer time.


Wash all items separately instead of putting them all together in the washing machine as one whole lump of bedding material. Make sure to untangle your bed sheets from pillow cases and duvet covers so that they don’t get jumbled up with each other. Next up, put them one by one in the washing machine, making sure that all temperatures are set according to required conditions. You can use a fabric softener for the linens, as they can help reduce wrinkling too. Try to wash your sheets on a weekly basis so that you always have clean, fresh and smooth sheets.

washing bed sheets


The biggest mistake you can do is to keep your sheets in the washer long after the machine has stopped. This will only increase the chances of wrinkling and creasing, the longer the linens sit awaiting to be pulled out. The best method of drying these materials, whether bed sheets or duvet sets, is to leave them to air dry by hanging them up on a clothing line. If air dry is not an option, you may also put them in a dryer, but on low heat. Take them out while they’re still a little damp and dry the rest by laying them down on the bed.

drying bed sheets

The Follow-Up

The process doesn’t just stop there. It is important to follow a proper routine when dealing with bedding sets in order to avoid wrinkles at any point. A steamer works best when trying to remove wrinkles. Other than this, you should make your bed properly and carefully every morning, which will immediately get rid of all creases created while you’re sleeping. After making your bed, sprinkle a little water on the sheets, especially in the middle and towards the edges. This will help keep your bed sheet wrinkle-free for the rest of the day.

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