A Roadmap Towards Organizing Storage Space: How Can You Store Bedding?

It’s that time of the year again – when you have to spend hours putting away your summer wardrobe and taking out your winter one. However, this is just for your clothing wardrobe – what do you do with your bed linens?

While organizing and storing away your bedding may seem to be a herculean task, it can actually be super fun and easy – if you do it the right way!

So, what’s that right way, you ask? We’re here to help you with just that! The Linen Company has come up with a very comprehensive guide to help you store your bedding items in a very quick and easy way!

Why is it important to organize your bedding?

The answer is simple: if you throw all your bedding items into your storage space, without organizing them, then it’s highly possible that they’ll get jumbled up, and resultantly, they will get easily damaged. Bedding is one item that should be long-lasting, which is why you should store them conveniently so that they can be used season after season. Secondly, if you don't organize them properly then it'll become very difficult to find the sets. One pillowcase may end up in one corner, while the other may end up in another and hence, chaos ensues!

Step # 1: Make separate piles for different items

When it comes to organizing, one thing to avoid doing is getting everything jumbled up. It’s very important that you separate all items – bed sheets go with bed sheets; duvet covers go with duvet covers and blankets go with blankets (and so on). Only when you have organized them properly will you be able to see how many items you have and how much space you will require to easily store them.

storing bed sheets and duvet covers

Step # 2: Bundling is key!

Once you have separated them, now’s the time to bundle them together! It’s important that you smartly utilize the space that you have. What you can do is that you can store all the matching items; such as fitted sheets and related pillowcases into one pillowcase. This will not only take up less space, but all matching items will be stored in one place – so no items will be lost and you can easily just take out the whole bundle when its time to use the set.

Step # 3: Art of folding!

Just like clothes, it’s always better that you fold and then store your bedding items. This way, you save space and your closet will also give a cleaner and more organized look – rather than just jumbling them all up and throwing them in. Even for bath items such as towels, you can fold them in a very smart way so that they take up the minimum space.

storing bed sheets and duvet covers

Step # 4: Arrange according to size

Different bedding items have different sizes – which is why you should store them differently. Start from the back end of the closet and head towards the front end – and start from the top shelf and head towards the bottom shelf. Duvet covers, along with blankets can take up the most space - so store them first, and then move towards smaller items.

Another way you can easily store away your items is dividing them between family members. Your linens are bound to be different as compared to your children’s. So, all of your bed sheet collections should go together and your baby’s baby fitted sheets should be put away separately so that you can easily grab onto whichever items you need.

Step # 5: Add Labels!

When you’re storing away similar items in the limited space that you have, how do you remember what is where? You add labels! After you have placed everything on the shelves, label them all! Use a label maker and carefully mark your bed sheets, duvet covers, blankets and all other items so that it becomes easier for you to remember.



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